Leading at the Speed of Trust

This program is available for all teams in your school context including, executive staff , teachers, Business Managers, SAMs, SAOS.

Water is the vital substance that sustains all life on this planet. When it’s there, everything flourishes and grows. When it’s not there, everything withers and dies.

The same is true for trust. Where there is no trust, relationships decay, projects fail, customers go to competitors, initiatives under-perform, and work grinds to a crawl.

Leading at The Speed of Trust Ultimo Program for 2023

Term 4 updates 

Term 4


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Leading at the Speed of Trust ULTIMO


Monday 16 October 2023

Tuesday 17 October 2023




Leading at the Speed of Trust ULTIMO


Thursday 2 November 2023

Friday 3 November 2023



Leading at the Speed of Trust ULTIMO


Tuesday 28 November 2023

Wednesday 29 November 2023



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Drew Janetzki
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