Leading at the Speed of Trust

2022 Empowered Leadership Series

By behaving in ways that build trust with one, you build trust with many. (Stephen M R Covey)

Leading at the Speed of Trust will help you build your personal credibility by practising certain behaviours that increase trust.


What participants have said in 2020…

If I can improve on all the components from this course - build trust in others, increase my personal credibility, align my teams and inspire others on the journey of lifelong learning in education - what an amazing journey it will be!

The Speed of Trust program is a must do for every school's leadership team that is serious about growing their school’s teaching, learning and collaborative culture. The program provides a framework for growing trust in a school and evidences how trust can speed growth in all areas of the school organisation.

‘Leading at the Speed of Trust' is an extremely valuable journey to take with your executive team. Delivered with a sense of challenge, this course took us on a deep dive into self, examining elements of trust all around us in life. We individually identified areas for growth and were given the most amazing resources to build a 'smart trust' approach to our leadership.

Who will benefit

Principals, school executive

Program Overview


When trust is low, suspicion is high, and communication is guarded. With high trust, communication, creativity, and engagement improve.

Trust is one of the most important aspects in today’s school environment and like any other discipline, creating trust is a learnable skill. Teams and schools that operate with high trust are significantly more effective than those who do not cultivate trust at the core of their culture.

Leaders attending the highly interactive Leading at the Speed of Trust® workshop will increase their personal credibility and practise specific behaviours that increase trust. As a result, they will be able to better manage change and lead high-performing teams that are agile, collaborative, innovative, and engaged. Leaders will learn to apply and sustain a new language and set of behaviours to real work contexts. Participants will receive powerful tools and processes to sustain learning for 52 weeks following the workshop. They will access and use the Speed of Trust Digital Coach smartphone app which sends weekly information and use the Weekly Trust Huddle Leader Guide to help embed new behaviours.


Phase 1 - Completion of an assessment (self or 360°).

Phase 2 – Two‐day workshop. Participants will increase their personal credibility and practise specific behaviours that increase trust. They will practise communicating transparently, respectfully, and directly and identify how to extend appropriate levels of trust with co-workers. Participants will practise the 13 Behaviours of High Trust to develop, restore, and extend trust.

Phase 3 – Post workshop. Participants receive powerful tools and processes to sustain further learning for 52 weeks, embedding new learning.

Program cost

$1075.00 (GST inclusive)

All payments are to be paid via credit card or PCard on registration.

Program delivery

This is a 2-day program.

The program will be delivered in a range of venues, both rural and metropolitan.

Learning Outcomes

In this program participants will learn to:

  • Build their own case for trust by identifying the impact of Trust Taxes and Trust Dividends in their school programs and projects.
  • Model trust through character and competence and take responsibility for increasing their own personal credibility.
  • Replace counterfeit behaviours with the 13 Behaviours of High Trust to develop, restore, and extend trust in key relationships.

Participant Kit


  • Participant Guidebook
  • Speed of Trust Action Cards
  • Weekly Trust Huddle Guide
  • The Speed of Trust Book
  • Speed of Trust Digital Coach app
  • tQ Assessment

Proffessional Learning.png

Professional Learning on Demand

The intent of the NSWPPA is to provide professional learning opportunities for school leaders across NSW. Whilst programs will be advertised at determined venues, the opportunity to respond to local need is welcomed. If your local PPC or network of schools wishes to run Leading at the Speed of Trust® in your area, please contact us to discuss how we can match the program to your needs.

Contact: Margaret Charlton, NSWPPA Professional Learning Officer mcharlton@nswppa.org.au