The New South Wales Primary Principals’ Association seeks to support all Primary Principals in New South Wales government schools in making the primary years of schooling a rich, well-resourced platform for student success – an investment in the future of our State and our Nation.

The Priority Areas of the NSWPPA for 2020-21 reflect the clear mandate from 1800 Primary Principals from across all of New South Wales for all students in all public school settings.

Priority 1: Principal Wellbeing
Principal Wellbeing is key to successful schools across the state. This is our overarching priority

Priority 2: The Principal in a changing environment
In a climate of devolved decision making and increasing accountability support for leadership development, Principal wellbeing and capacity building is at the forefront of our actions.

Priority 3: Learning and Quality Teaching
The emphasis on the provision of quality teaching continues as funding models, new curriculum and professional accreditation impact on the operation of our schools.

Priority 4: Communication
A collaborative and effective communication strategy to promote public school and systems partnerships with the wider membership, governments, Department of Education and all key stakeholder groups.

Priority 5: School Operations
Supporting principals at this time to embed in a systematic way day to day operational matters, mandatory compliance and training, and reform initiative.

Click here to view the 2020-21 NSWPPA Priorities (Approx 250kb)