Life Members Honourboard

New South Wales Primary Principals’ Association Life Members’ Honourboard.

Life Membership of the Association is bestowed upon a retired member and/or a member in their final year of employment in the teaching service, whose service to Education and to the Association is both long standing and exemplary.

In granting Life Membership the following criteria are taken into account…

A) a minimum period of five years service to the Association.
B) consideration of the level of service to the Association through outstanding contributions at a state or area level to:

  • administration and management of the Association;
  • representation on state committees / working parties;
  • preparation of papers on behalf of the Association;
  • general representation of the Association.
Pre 1999 Bernie Gregory
Tom Howard
Barry McConville
John Payne
Maureen Stephenson
Darryl Walker
1999 Maggie O'Brien
Diana Pearce
Doug Saxon
2000 David Bishop
Jack Butcher
Doug Coates
Tom Croker
Ron Elston
Jann Muller
2001 Graeme Dixon
Mike Gillespie
Dennis Jowett
  Julie Midson-York
Ken Pares
Geoff Scott
Rob Stephens
2002 Robert Haskew
  Kaye Johnston
Colin Labrie
Terry Lee
Brian Powyer
Bill Supple
2003 Geoff Buckland
Peter Coleman
Brian Debus
Graham Hayton
Ian Irvine
Judy James
Robyn McIntyre
John Salt
Keith Stratton
Denis Suttling
2004 Cheryl Buckley
Chris Dowell
Harry Hyland
Warren Marks
John McMillan
Peter Newman
Jan Whyte
2005 Lilian Dowell
Colin Kaye
Joan Krzysik
Ian Roberts
Jim Wilton
2006 Maurie Bird
John Davies
Barbara Reynolds
Rick Riddle
2007 Bob Coakes
Brian Collins
Kevin Hepworth
Sue Ingram
2008 Fred Armstrong
Chris Brooker
Ian Chambers
Tim Corben
Ray Kent
Steve Stuart
Neil Trenear
2009 Ian Morey
Suzie Smith
Greg Taylor
2010 Terry Sanders
Graham Doust
  Diana Reynolds
2011 Sue Aitken
Tim Edwards
Angie Evans
Neil McLean
Warren Poole
Kerry Sweeney
John Willing
2012 Jim Cooper
Mary Lambert
Desley Morgan
  Mark Pritchard
2013 John Barwick
  Gary Crowther
Jennie Fogarty
Peter Wright
2014 Sandra Armstrong
Garry Brotherton
Chris Dougherty
Kerryanne Knox
  Don Mackenzie
  Annette Udal
  Geoff Yates
2015 Garry Atkinson
Janet Chan
2016 David Nosworthy
Grant McCallum
Margaret Charlton
2017 Bill Bird
  Chisholm Bloch
Dean Files
Greg Fitzgerald
Vicki Harris
  Peter Miles
Ian Power
Peter Rowsell
2018 Adrian King
  John Mularczyk
  Peter Holmes
  Mark Hagan