The Multipliers research explored the question of why some leaders create genius all around them while other leaders drain intelligence and capability from an organization. The Wiseman group analysed over 100 executives across four continents to answer this question. As we studied these top leaders, it appeared that certain leaders weren’t just intelligent themselves – they were Multipliers of intelligence.

The research outlines the five key differentiators between Diminishers and Multipliers. These differences explain why some leaders get vastly more capability from their people – a highly relevant message in the current environment.

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2024  Ultimo Multipliers Program

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Term 3 Week 8

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Term 3 Week 8

Wednesday 11th September


NSWPPA Ultimo Program


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Multipliers®: How the Best Leaders Ignite Everyone's Intelligence

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Help your teams give all they have and more. Bestselling author, Liz Wiseman, shares what she’s learned about “diminishing leadership” and how to bring the very best out of your teams.