The Middle Leadership Imperative

2022 Empowered Leadership Series

Empowering middle leaders through exposure to, and by learning from, research informed high quality middle leading practices with a specific focus on the effective leadership of teaching and learning.

Registrations for programs will open in Term 2 2022.


The middle leader has become increasingly more important to the work of schools through increased accountability and responsibility of principals (Dinham 2016). The role of the middle leader is evolving with specific purpose in facilitating collegial professional learning and in the development of quality student learning (Ronnerman 2014). However, ambiguity still exists in relation to what middle leaders are expected to do (Fluckiger et al 2005).

This course will address an extensive review of available research on middle leadership leading to an effective undertaking of the middle leadership role in NSW schools through the recognition that middle leadership is teacher driven, site responsive and encompasses team based professional learning. Participation in this course will empower middle leaders through a practical understanding of the environmental and personal inputs into middle leadership, the key roles middle leaders play and the potential impact in relation to teachers and students.

Who will benefit

Assistant Principals

Program cost

To be advised

All payments are to be paid via credit card or PCard on registration.

Program Components


Program Overview


Program Delivery

This is a 4-day program, delivered in two 2-day seminars across four months.

Professional Learning on Demand

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The program will be delivered in a range of venues, both rural and metropolitan.

The intent of the NSWPPA is to provide professional learning opportunities for school leaders across NSW. Whilst programs will be advertised at determined venues, the opportunity to respond to local need is welcomed. If your local PPC or network of schools wishes to run The Middle Leadership Imperative in your area, please contact us to discuss how we can match the program to your needs.

Contact: Margaret Charlton, NSWPPA Professional Learning Officer